Argumentative essay requires the student to examine a theme: gather, create, and assess proof and build up a case study

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Concept of an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays by and large call for broad research of writing or recently published material. Argumentative assignments may likewise require exact research where the student gathers information through meetings, overviews, perceptions, or examinations. Nitty-gritty research enables the student to research about the subject and to comprehend various perspectives essay writer in regards to the theme. Extensive research allows them to pick a position and support it with the proof gathered during the investigation.

The structure of an argumentative essay is held together by the accompanying brief guidelines:

  • A bright, brief, and characterized proposition proclamation that happens in the central passage of the exposition.

In the primary section of an argumentative article, students should set the context by reviewing the theme in a general manner. Next, the writer ought to clarify why the point is significant or why perusers should think about the issue. In conclusion, the understudies should show the proposal’s proclamation. Fundamentally, if the student is unable to write this segment effectively, this essay is fittingly limited to pursue the rules set out in the task.

  • Clear and coherent advances between the presentation, body, and end.

Changes are the mortar that holds the establishment of the exposition together. Without the intelligent movement of thought, the peruser can’t pursue the article’s contention, and the structure will fall. Advances should wrap up the view from the past area and acquaint the idea that is to follow in the following segment.

  • Body passages that incorporate evidential help.

Each passage ought to be constrained to the exchange of one general thought. It should take into consideration clearness and heading all through the essay. Note that each section in the body of the exposition must have some sensible association with the proposition articulation in the opening passage. A few passages will legitimately bolster the essay articulation with proof gathered during research. It is likewise critical to clarify how and why the evidence warrants the proposal.

Instead of clarifying how these contrasting assessments aren’t right inside and out, students should note how sentiments that don’t line up with their theory may be outdated.

  • Redressing Evidential Support

The pugnacious exposition requires well-investigated, precise, nitty-gritty, and current data to help the proposal proclamation. Some real, legitimate, measurable, or narrative proof should bolster the theory. In any case, understudies must consider numerous perspectives when gathering evidence.

It is worthy to note this is the segment of the article that will leave the quickest impact on the brain of the peruser. Accordingly, it must be compelling and legitimate. Try not to bring any new data into the end; instead, combine the data introduced in the body of the paper. Rehash why the theme is significant, survey the primary concerns, and audit your proposition. You may likewise need to incorporate a short talk of more research that ought to be finished considering your work.

Argumentative Dissertation: learn the structure of an essay

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In an argumentative dissertation, the student demonstrates a knowledge of the subject to be approached in order to persuade the reader.

An essay must have a beginning, a middle and an end, and the technical name of its structure is introduction, development, and completion. When the writing proposal is an argumentative dissertation, the bank’s expectation is that the student demonstrates a knowledge of the subject to be approached in order to persuade and persuade the reader to agree with his point of view.


The introduction is the part of the argumentative dissertation that will take the reader into the text; its objectives are to show the relevance and relevance of the theme, making its contextualization, and suggest an approach (against or in favor) on the theme. This approach is known as thesis.

Introduction Strategies:

  • Citation of arguments
  • Historical context
  • Concrete example
  • Flashes or nominal phrases
  • Statistic data
  • Cultural allusion
  • Conceptualization


The paragraph of development of an argumentative dissertation should develop only one main idea that should be articulated to the whole. The standard paragraph should be composed of a phrasal topic, which is the period that contains the synthesis of the idea that will be developed throughout the paragraph.

Forms of Magnification:

  • Explanation
  • Exemplification
  • Authority argument
  • Causes and consequences
  • Statistic data
  • Logical reasoning (deduction, induction and dialectic)


The conclusion should evidence the end of the argumentative dissertation with the use of a conclusive connective. It serves to clarify his point of view, establish a dialogue with the introduction and ratify his thesis, through the paraphrase. It should not be forgotten that the conclusion should promote reflection and if it is the drafting of the ENEM, should have the proposal of social intervention that is a solution to the problem presented in the theme.

Do not forget that throughout your argumentative dissertation, coherence, which is the logical sequence of ideas, and cohesion, which is the link between the parts of the text through the mechanisms known as hooks (link between paragraphs) and conjunctions (linking phrases within the paragraph).

Ways to Start a Writing Essay

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Do not even know where to start writing? Professor Suzana Luz gives the tips on how you can write the first paragraph of your essay note 10!

You sit down to write your essay and nothing comes to your mind. Do not know where to start? Professor Suzana Luz gives you tips on how you can write the first paragraph to engage your text.

Discover 10 Ways to Start Your Dissertation Writing!

  • The direct presentation of your point of view or basic argument:

“Cohabitation with an alcohol or drug dependent, in addition to all their setbacks, can also become a powerful addiction, a disease. Mothers, women and siblings of dependents often take on the task of repairing the black sheep of the family. When they find it out, they start living because of the problem of others. Now they behave like saviors, now they assume the role of victim, now cooperate and feed addiction even more. “

  • The very inquiry of the subject, turning it into question and / or asking questions about it:

“Are there facts (no preconceptions) to confirm the ineptitude or even the inferiority of certain races, stationed during the evolutionary process, midway between animal and man? They are questions, not affirmations. But why would we admit, on an individual level, the existence of geniuses and the retarded, and we fear doing so on the racial level? “

  • A definition of the topic to be questioned:

“Slang is a common heritage, it is an instrument of communication that seems essential, especially for the youth. Even the generations that condemned it end up assimilating some expressions of greater occurrence. “

  • An analysis of the theme, a schematic of its parts (which will usually be questioned one by one in the development of the essay):

“The human spirit is by nature curious, reflective. The world that instigates you to think must also instigate you to challenge, criticize, and question the ideas that the collective and its culture offer. We work ideas when we write. “

  • Using History Data:

Ever since he learned to handle the fire and the wheel, man began to generate a productive force, which unleashed inventions, achievements and progress. But this productivity impaired the relationship between peoples, as well as between employer and employee, in the field of technology and in the exploitation of labor.

  • A Citation that will be ratified or denied:

“‘Navigating is necessary, living is not necessary’. With the slight tremor of fright, the old verse of the popular poet applies to the system of information, research and correspondence by computer, online communication, the Internet. “

  • Exposing the opposite point of view in order to combat it during development:

“To the extent that hunting is prohibited in Brazil, the existence of a Hunting Association or hunting and fishing shops can not be admitted. A new chapter of the Constitution prohibits such activities.

Hunting is not sport, because sport presupposes a level playing field between the contenders, a prior knowledge of both sides of the rules of the game, and the existence of a judge enforcing those rules. “

  • With statistical data:

“Every year that passes, a thousand children die every day under the Brazilian sky. They die of diseases for which medicine has created a multitude of names, all synonymous with one evil: hunger, malnutrition. “

  • Some representative facts:

“That countries at war, or victims of catastrophes, have known and still know hunger, is understandable, even if it is not explained. That countries that are victims of ungrateful climate and even more ungrateful soil have to give a food ration, it is understood. “

  • A short narrative:

“Inside an ambulance, a patient is in critical condition. Near him, a young doctor, with little experience in this type of care, tries to give first aid. But the situation is complicated. At this moment, far from that place, another doctor, a much more experienced professional, is able to handle this situation with ease.

He is in the hospital where the patient is being taken. This doctor also sees, through a television screen, the patient himself. It’s like he’s there. Situations like this, which at first appear to be the privilege of the future, may occur sooner than is imagined. “

How about training these ways of starting a dissertation right now? You can choose a theme and exhaust all possibilities, starting it in ten different ways, or choose a theme for each type of introduction.

Why is it so important to write well?

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Words and phrases to start writing

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There are several words and phrases to start writing. Introduction is an interesting way to get the attention of your average reader or evaluator. Therefore, it is crucial that you devote time and attention to the first words of your text.

I need not even mention that you must escape the meaningless words that immediately leave your confused reader. Caution must be exercised when choosing the first few sentences of your essay and being clear enough that your introduction conquers and captivates.

Thinking about it, in this article, you’ll get a list of the main words to start writing. In fact, they are classic phrases for you to employ in your Enem text or in school regardless of the subject. The order here is to impress and take a good note. Prepared? Check it now.

How to Start a Writing with Style
Writing is a key part of getting a good assessment whether in the Enem or in the classroom. In fact, learning to write well is one of the requirements to earn a degree and a good job in the future.

Textual cohesion, even if it is not directly linked to its area of activity, such as the field of exact sciences, is relevant, because throughout its academic trajectory the writing will accompany it, be it in the production of monographs or even in the development of theses of specializations, masters or doctorates.

Therefore, knowing how to write is indifferent to the chosen profession. It is a basic requirement for you to excel in any area. Therefore, it is best to begin at an early age to practice and seek the perfection of your writing.

Let’s start with the most appropriate phrases to start writing. Follow:

  • Nowadays…
  • In the past…
  • Currently…
  • Watching the scenery …
  • Just look at the near past …
  • It may be difficult to say why …
  • It is often commented on …
  • Currently, it is observed that …
  • It’s easy to talk about …
  • It is difficult to approach …
  • When you examine some … it turns out that …
  • Remember …
  • It is of fundamental importance …
  • It is indisputable that … / undeniable that …
  • Much is discussed the importance of …
  • In the century …
  • It is common knowledge that …
  • Taking into consideration the aspects …
  • Everybody knows…
  • Few know …
  • There is much debate today …
  • Many doubt …
  • History says …
  • Although many believe that …
  • It can be said that, because of …
  • One takes up, very often of …
  • Given the exposed of such research …
  • Everyone knows that in our country, there are times, we observe …
  • Contrary to what many believe …
  • Much has been discussed recently about …
  • When analyzing the facts …
  • Not infrequently, one becomes aware …
  • It is realized that …
  • Due to the current scenario …
  • In view of the current situation …
  • If you look closely …
  • Taking into account the latest news …
  • By virtue of what has been mentioned by such specialist …
  • In the face of reality …
  • You need to know that …
  • Some argue that …
  • Among the many reasons that led …
  • When looking back …

Ways to start an essay
In addition to the phrases of effect that can start writing, there are also ways of conducting an argument to engage the reader. Here are some possibilities:

Allusion to History
It is common to start a writing by talking about what History says. In the light of knowledge any topic becomes more interesting. It is possible to mention wars, conflicts, achievements and revolutions to start writing.

Opposition to an idea
It is also possible to instigate your reader by opposing an idea. It’s an interesting way, but it needs to be well-founded so you do not get lost right away. Avoid personal opinions, just bring ideas.

You can also start writing by making a quote from someone important. But attention: beware of quotes that are very controversial and are currently not acceptable. It prefers to mention specialists, politicians, historians, scientists, anthropologists or sociologists.

Nothing more solid than mentioning surveys in an essay. Aside from impressing the appraiser, you can capture the attention of the average reader. But, beware of the research source. It needs to be idiotic and serious.

Statistics are excellent ways to bring up a topic in the essay, especially to confirm what you have to say. The numbers are almost irrefutable.

The dictionary is always a loyal friend of those who write and when it comes to writing an essay it can be your best ally. Set the words for your theme and you will hardly miss the choice of your introduction.

How about start polling soon? But calm down! All within a standard. You can bring in your introduction two currents opposed to the theme and thus lure the reader to his conclusion about the polemic.

This is the most traditional way to start writing. It is with a good argument that you will please your teacher or appraiser. In that sense, you have to be quite right about your argument so you do not end up contradicting yourself during the text.

You can leave a question to the reader right away. This will make you get involved with your topic and seek a response throughout the text to answer the introductory questioning.

Cite personalities
Some important or famous people can be part of your introduction. All very sparing and serious. However, avoid frivolities or celebrities. Prefer politicians, writers, sports poets, specialists, scientists and other respected personalities in the area of the theme.

Tips for starting an essay
Although all of these templates note 1,000 of Enem’s essay or even the phrases to get started, you need to prepare well for essay content.

It is not enough to just start in an excellent way, you have to drive development to keep the same pattern. So read a lot and find references to the most current topics.

It is essential to have a good basis to argue and to gain a good evaluation of your writing. Study hard and good luck!