Ways to Start a Writing Essay

Do not even know where to start writing? Professor Suzana Luz gives the tips on how you can write the first paragraph of your essay note 10!

You sit down to write your essay and nothing comes to your mind. Do not know where to start? Professor Suzana Luz gives you tips on how you can write the first paragraph to engage your text.

Discover 10 Ways to Start Your Dissertation Writing!

  • The direct presentation of your point of view or basic argument:

“Cohabitation with an alcohol or drug dependent, in addition to all their setbacks, can also become a powerful addiction, a disease. Mothers, women and siblings of dependents often take on the task of repairing the black sheep of the family. When they find it out, they start living because of the problem of others. Now they behave like saviors, now they assume the role of victim, now cooperate and feed addiction even more. “

  • The very inquiry of the subject, turning it into question and / or asking questions about it:

“Are there facts (no preconceptions) to confirm the ineptitude or even the inferiority of certain races, stationed during the evolutionary process, midway between animal and man? They are questions, not affirmations. But why would we admit, on an individual level, the existence of geniuses and the retarded, and we fear doing so on the racial level? “

  • A definition of the topic to be questioned:

“Slang is a common heritage, it is an instrument of communication that seems essential, especially for the youth. Even the generations that condemned it end up assimilating some expressions of greater occurrence. “

  • An analysis of the theme, a schematic of its parts (which will usually be questioned one by one in the development of the essay):

“The human spirit is by nature curious, reflective. The world that instigates you to think must also instigate you to challenge, criticize, and question the ideas that the collective and its culture offer. We work ideas when we write. “

  • Using History Data:

Ever since he learned to handle the fire and the wheel, man began to generate a productive force, which unleashed inventions, achievements and progress. But this productivity impaired the relationship between peoples, as well as between employer and employee, in the field of technology and in the exploitation of labor.

  • A Citation that will be ratified or denied:

“‘Navigating is necessary, living is not necessary’. With the slight tremor of fright, the old verse of the popular poet applies to the system of information, research and correspondence by computer, online communication, the Internet. “

  • Exposing the opposite point of view in order to combat it during development:

“To the extent that hunting is prohibited in Brazil, the existence of a Hunting Association or hunting and fishing shops can not be admitted. A new chapter of the Constitution prohibits such activities.

Hunting is not sport, because sport presupposes a level playing field between the contenders, a prior knowledge of both sides of the rules of the game, and the existence of a judge enforcing those rules. “

  • With statistical data:

“Every year that passes, a thousand children die every day under the Brazilian sky. They die of diseases for which medicine has created a multitude of names, all synonymous with one evil: hunger, malnutrition. “

  • Some representative facts:

“That countries at war, or victims of catastrophes, have known and still know hunger, is understandable, even if it is not explained. That countries that are victims of ungrateful climate and even more ungrateful soil have to give a food ration, it is understood. “

  • A short narrative:

“Inside an ambulance, a patient is in critical condition. Near him, a young doctor, with little experience in this type of care, tries to give first aid. But the situation is complicated. At this moment, far from that place, another doctor, a much more experienced professional, is able to handle this situation with ease.

He is in the hospital where the patient is being taken. This doctor also sees, through a television screen, the patient himself. It’s like he’s there. Situations like this, which at first appear to be the privilege of the future, may occur sooner than is imagined. “

How about training these ways of starting a dissertation right now? You can choose a theme and exhaust all possibilities, starting it in ten different ways, or choose a theme for each type of introduction.

Why is it so important to write well?

In addition to counting points in the college entrance examination, writing is a super important part of the National High School Examination. It ranges from 0 to 1,000 points, which can make a nice difference when it comes to running for a public university seat by Sisu, trying a ProUni scholarship, running for FIES funding or even entering a private college in a way without giving proof.

We have selected for you some colleges recognized and well evaluated by the MEC that accept the Enem note as a form of entry, participate in ProUni and / or FIES and have a number of other financial advantages (scholarships, discounts, covenants, etc.).

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