How to Outline Your Research Paper Abstract

How to Outline Your Research Paper Abstract

Abstracts present a single document explaining the main objective of a study conducted by a student. Remember, individuals must understand the purpose of writing an abstract first before they present it to their supervisors. Failure to that, you might even fail to score good grades in your abstract paper, which is very unfortunate. Now, what can you do to present an exemplary abstract?

Important Factors to Consider When Writing a Research Abstract

Your abstract should not be a bunch of sentences or a single section. For one to be perfect, you must have several aspects in it. These include:

  1. The topic of your research
  2. Scope of the study
  3. Research methodology
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Limitations
  7. Recommendations
  8. Conclusion

Before you start writing an abstract, you must define the terms you’ll use when discussing the study. Be quick to present your work so that other readers can understand the meaning of your work. Remember, this is the first thing your readers will see, so you must ensure that you present it appropriately.

It helps a lot to have a brief description of the research. Be quick to acknowledge the sources that you have used to collect information. Also, you’ll indicate the dates, which is very important in research writing. Make sure that you attach all your sources in the referencing section. Doing so not only makes it easy for the readers to find the reference materials, but it also proves to the supervisors that you are a responsible student.

Understand that you have to do extensive research before you can access the sources. When writing the abstract, ensure that the data that you give is factual. The only way that you can show the readers that your work is legitimate is through the right inferences. If you can present only valid data, then you have a high chance of earning the trust of your readers. Remember, inferences make the reader to interpret the data in the abstract in a particular way.

Be quick to point out all the weaknesses of your abstract. Doing so will enable you to avoid accusations of referencing every source you come across. Doing so also shows that you care about your work, which is the easiest way to impress the tutor.

Lastly, you must give the readers an insight into your research methods. It is crucial to know how you conducted your research to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Remember, students must back up every data they present in their abstracts with valid evidence. For that reason, you should provide a sample of a research paper to back up the abstract.

When you are done writing your abstract, now is the time to proofread it. Never introduce any errors. It helps a lot to be keen when reading through the paper to check on the grammar and spelling. Also, when you are done, read through the sections to check if you have conveyed all the aims and objectives of your research.

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