Argumentative Dissertation: learn the structure of an essay

In an argumentative dissertation, the student demonstrates a knowledge of the subject to be approached in order to persuade the reader.

An essay must have a beginning, a middle and an end, and the technical name of its structure is introduction, development, and completion. When the writing proposal is an argumentative dissertation, the bank’s expectation is that the student demonstrates a knowledge of the subject to be approached in order to persuade and persuade the reader to agree with his point of view.


The introduction is the part of the argumentative dissertation that will take the reader into the text; its objectives are to show the relevance and relevance of the theme, making its contextualization, and suggest an approach (against or in favor) on the theme. This approach is known as thesis.

Introduction Strategies:

  • Citation of arguments
  • Historical context
  • Concrete example
  • Flashes or nominal phrases
  • Statistic data
  • Cultural allusion
  • Conceptualization


The paragraph of development of an argumentative dissertation should develop only one main idea that should be articulated to the whole. The standard paragraph should be composed of a phrasal topic, which is the period that contains the synthesis of the idea that will be developed throughout the paragraph.

Forms of Magnification:

  • Explanation
  • Exemplification
  • Authority argument
  • Causes and consequences
  • Statistic data
  • Logical reasoning (deduction, induction and dialectic)


The conclusion should evidence the end of the argumentative dissertation with the use of a conclusive connective. It serves to clarify his point of view, establish a dialogue with the introduction and ratify his thesis, through the paraphrase. It should not be forgotten that the conclusion should promote reflection and if it is the drafting of the ENEM, should have the proposal of social intervention that is a solution to the problem presented in the theme.

Do not forget that throughout your argumentative dissertation, coherence, which is the logical sequence of ideas, and cohesion, which is the link between the parts of the text through the mechanisms known as hooks (link between paragraphs) and conjunctions (linking phrases within the paragraph).

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