Argumentative Dissertation: learn the structure of an essay

03 June 0

In an argumentative dissertation, the student demonstrates a knowledge of the subject to be approached in order to persuade the reader. An essay must have a beginning, a middle and an end, and the technical name of its structure is introduction, development, and completion. When the writing proposal is an argumentative dissertation, the bank’s expectation […]

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Ways to Start a Writing Essay

02 June 0

Do not even know where to start writing? Professor Suzana Luz gives the tips on how you can write the first paragraph of your essay note 10! You sit down to write your essay and nothing comes to your mind. Do not know where to start? Professor Suzana Luz gives you tips on how you […]

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Words and phrases to start writing

01 June 0

There are several words and phrases to start writing. Introduction is an interesting way to get the attention of your average reader or evaluator. Therefore, it is crucial that you devote time and attention to the first words of your text. I need not even mention that you must escape the meaningless words that immediately […]

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